Creature Concepting in ZBrush

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In this ZBrush creature concepting tutorial we will explore a lot of different ideas and techniques when it comes to creating interesting and memorable creatures. 

Creating anything, whether it's a character, prop or a creature is never a linear process. We start out by talking about how to gather reference images and getting a solid base of a character then. The sculpt is then started in ZBrush using DynaMesh. Once we have a base here, we take it into Photoshop to critically evaluate the design using proven design techniques and principles. The sculpt is then finished in ZBrush before taking it into MODO to light and render it. We supply you with pre-made lighting scene to make the job easier for you. Photoshop is used to finish the project off by doing a nice paint-over on the creature.

For artists not familiar with ZBrush or MODO, we have several chapters dedicated to becoming familiar with them: 

- Modo for Beginners

- Brush Techniques

- Dynamesh 101

In short, we will take you through making a creature from start to finish using industry proven techniques and workflow.

The project source files include the Zbrush sculpt (ZTL) in four stages (Start, Halfway, Finished without pose and posed), 2 MODO scene files (LXO) for lighting (Lighting Start and End) and 2 Photoshop documents (Post Work Start and End).

If you're unsure if this series is right for you, feel free to read this review from William Vaughan

Review: Creature Concepting in Zbrush

Please note:

This is not a step by step tutorial. While we show everything, parts of the tutorial is timelapsed (with narration). This tutorial series is about the overall workflow and the principles behind it, not specific A-B-C steps. This however doesn't mean that you can't follow along if you wish, but everything won't be real-time.

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Creature Concepting in ZBrush

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